Redefining Play to Earn Gaming

A 99% performance-based play-to-earn game, that doubles as a disruptive community engagement tool for any business e.g. a "Binance"(digital) or a "McDonald" (offline)

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Founder, RealSearch Group
"Innovative & Disruptive
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Founder, TedMedia
I have to go charge my phone for the next game
Earn Passive Income
Play and complete tasks to earn. Only top 10 players earn money. Can you make it?.
Four P2e Modes
Adventure Mode, PvP, Team battles (GvG), oYo.
99% Performance-based, 1% chance of luck
Adrenaline rush
Highly competitive & Immersive
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About Hall of Bits

Formerly known as - Ultimate Online Competition, a non-blockchain play-to-earn trivia that launched as a gamified learning platform in 2018

  • 1200 Players can't be wrong.
  • Only the best players appear on our intuitive leaderboard.
  • Beat your way to the top to up your earnings.
  • Hall of Bits is not gambling, betting or lottery

Is your community active ? - Give them a taste of HOB Engine

Our engine doubles as a community engagement tool. For ex: a "Binance" or a "McDonalds" can use Hall of Bits to give rewards, airdrops, and discounts, to their community, through gamified tasks and contests.

  • New product offerings, services, start-ups, and events can now be fun to launch.
  • Guaranteed product knowledge on whatever you want
  • Reward the best performing community members.
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Enjoy four P2e modes

Keep earning in multiple game modes. Have an immersive gaming experience in our upcoming metaverse environment.'s Educative, fun and engaging
  • oYo

    On your own

  • PvP

    Player Vs Players

  • Adv

    Adventure Mode

  • GvG

    Guild vs. Guild


Currently 2022
1,200 registered Players (achieved)

Q4 UI/UX revamp + Relaunch

Expand Business use-case partnerships: upcoming crypto projects and guilds


Introduce more game types

Introduce a mini-adventure mode

Introduce a mini GvG game mode

Feb 2023
Q1: Mobile Application on iOS & Android

Q2 - 2D / 3D version + immersive gaming experiences

Q3 - Creation and integration of $HOB token

- Move to the Blockchain (Tokenization & DAO)

July 2024
3D version + immersive gaming experiences

Introduce more game types based on gamers/market DD

March 2025
Integrate thegame into Hall of Bits metaverse

Start building immersive adventure experiences in HOB metaverse



We are creating groundbreaking gaming concepts & metaverse experiences inspired by the best games ever created in our time